Team –

Our primary investment year after year is in our people. As our organization continues to find more ways to bring our standard of care to more and more people in the region, our physicians and leadership teams recognize the incredibly important role each one of you plays in OrthoNebraska’s success. Truly, we couldn’t do it without you. This nation, and the world, has endured a great number of challenges in the past two years and our entire OrthoNebraska team has consistently risen to meet the challenge.

While we typically evaluate and implement compensation increases in July, considering all of the success that this team has created in the face of the challenges presented to us, this year I am pleased to announce an extraordinary 4.75% pay increase for all eligible team members that will be effective on May 8, 2022. On behalf of our Shareholders, Board, physicians and management team, I am thankful for all of our team members who have endured and continue to thrive despite the challenges to make OrthoNebraska a safe, healthy place to receive care. See below for details on eligibility and payroll information.

We routinely evaluate our compensation structure against our competitors, shifts in the overall market, and trends in certain roles & responsibilities. The need for healthcare workers is in high demand. And so is the kind of high-quality, cost-effective care each of you provide. As we deliver on this value proposition, we maintain our commitment to investing in our people. I encourage all team members to ask questions and engage in conversations regarding the totality of your compensation here at OrthoNebraska.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to making OrthoNebraska one of the very best places to work, practice, and receive care. I hope to celebrate our collective accomplishments with all of you next week at the OrthoNebraska Bash.

– Levi

Eligibility & Payroll Information:

  • Eligibility includes team members of both OrthoNebraska Hospital and OrthoNebraska Clinics.
  • Individuals must have been employed on or before December 31, 2021, and be employed on the effective date (May 8, 2022).
  • Casual team members who are compensated on a fixed base salary will not be eligible.
  • If a team member is at the top of their pay range, they will receive a one-time lump sum of 4.75% and their hourly wage rate will remain the same.
  • The first payroll that will reflect this adjustment will be on May 27, 2022.