Updated April 13 at 2:00 p.m.

Below are several resources for clinical staff to enhance your knowledge of COVID-19, nursing interventions, ventilator/respiratory interventions, and safety precautions. All resources are free, but may require you to create an account.

Website: www.intelycare.com/covid-19/training/
This site contains great basic COVID-19 information for clinicl staff, DME teams and Radiology.

CAE Healthcare
Website: caehealthcare.com/education/digital-learning/
CAE Healthcare has specific ventilator information that is easy to follow and interactive.

Society of Critical Care Medicine
Website: covid19.sccm.org/
This site has great critical care information for the non-ICU clinician, including clinical videos and additional learning resources. It also have more in-depth critical care education.

Nursing CE
Website: www.nursingce.com/ceu-courses/covid-coronavirus
Nursing CE has specific nursing education and overview information on COVID-19. It also has free CEU hours.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
Website: www.aacn.org/education/online-courses/covid-19-pulmonary-ards-and-ventilator-resources 
This site has COVID-19 pulmonary, ARDS & Ventilator resources.

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