Updated May 6 at 8 am

While the city mask mandate will likely expire at the end of May, OrthoNebraska will continue to require masks and COVID-19 screening of all patients and guests entering any OrthoNebraska facility. This is consistent with area health systems and CDC recommendations for healthcare facilities. OrthoNebraska team members should also continue to mask in all patient-facing areas. 

The Omaha City Council have enacted an emergency ordinance requiring face masks to be worn in public in the City of Omaha. This mandate requires adults and children 5 and older to wear a mask when indoors in public unless the individual can maintain at least six (6) feet of separation from others. It applies to all private businesses, schools, churches, public transportation, and more. Exceptions to the ordinance include those eating/drinking in bar or restaurant settings, exercising in gyms or visiting government offices, or if someone has a disability or medical condition that interferes with wearing a mask.

As a reminder, OrthoNebraska began requiring masks for all patient-facing providers and staff, as well as patients and visitors, in April 2020. This mandate will require the following:

  • All individuals (clinical or non-clinical) in any OrthoNebraska building inside the City of Omaha must wear a mask whenever in public areas and when social distancing is not possible. OrthoNebraska facilities located inside the city include the Aksarben clinic and Oakview campus (Hospital building, Oakview Medical Building, and Arbor Street Building).
  • Individuals who do not comply may be subject to a fine as imposed by City of Omaha officials
  • Masks should be worn at any time in which it is reasonable to expect that you may have contact with another individual within six (6) feet.
  • Public areas in which masks are required include not only lobbies, patient exam rooms, and bathrooms, but also commonly visited office spaces such as breakrooms and printers. If an employee is alone at their desk or inside an office, they may remove their mask while socially distanced from others. If another individual enters the space and is within six (6) feet, masks should be worn.

OrthoNebraska team members who have any contact with patients or visitors should be utilizing the provided procedural masks. These masks are considered PPE – personal protective equipment – and provide a level of protection for both the wearer and anyone nearby. Individuals at the Arbor Street Building may use homemade or cloth face coverings/masks. All homemade or cloth masks should be washed regularly. If you do not have a mask or face covering, one will be provided to you. If an employee from the Arbor Street office needs to visit the hospital or a clinic inside the Oakview Medical Building, the individual should change into a procedure/surgical mask provided at any access desk.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Events@OrthoNebraska.com.

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