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Vaccinating our team members against COVID-19 is an important step towards further protecting ourselves and the patients we care for against transmission of the virus. At this time, OrthoNebraska is unsure when we will receive the vaccine. However, it is likely to be the Moderna vaccine, the second approved by the FDA. While we can’t be specific with timelines yet, we want to share as much information as possible. We are preparing diligently to roll this out quickly once the vaccine is in hand.

Administering the COVID-19 vaccination will be much more complex than flu vaccination. With a two-step dosage, after-effects that could impact your ability to work and stringent storage requirements, proper administration of this vaccine means we will be fairly limited in the times we are able to offer the vaccine.

OrthoNebraska’s Vaccination Process

OrthoNebraska, much like other healthcare organizations across the county, will prioritize offering the vaccine to team members who have the highest risk of transmission and the most direct contact with patients. With a few potential exceptions, the process will work like this:

  1. When you are eligible, you will receive an email from
  2. To opt-in to receive the vaccine, you must respond to the email by clicking the survey link and giving your name.
  3. We will determine a vaccination schedule that is reasonably convenient for everyone who opts in.
  4. You will be emailed and asked to sign up for a specific date and time to receive the vaccine. If you only work occasionally and/or do not check email often, we will work with your manager to make sure you are properly notified.
  5. As your first dose is administered, your second dose will be scheduled.


Based on recommendations from both the national and local levels, OrthoNebraska has created a tiered structure in order to prioritize who might receive the vaccine first.

  • Tier One: individuals with direct exposure to COVID-19 patients and/or individuals who are within six feet of intubation/extubation of a surgical patient
  • Tier Two: individuals with extended exposure to patients
  • Tier Three: individuals with minimal exposure to patients
  • Tier Four: all other hospital and clinical team members

Proof of Vaccination

We will provide you with a copy of our internal documentation of vaccination upon request. Another option that we recommend is v-safe, a smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized check-ins and notify the CDC if you have any side effects.

Educational Resources

These resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can answer many detailed questions you may have about the vaccine.



If you have specific or detailed questions, feel free to email

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