Foot & Ankle Surgery Education

Learn techniques you’ll need to master after your surgery.

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Using Crutches: Non-Weight Bearing

Using a Knee Scooter

Using Crutches: Toe Touch Weight Bearing

Climbing Stairs by Sitting and Scooting

Using a Gait Belt

Climbing a Single Step or Curb: Non-Weight Bearing

Toilet Transfers

Backing Up to a Chair

Car Transfers

Climbing Two Steps with a Scooter

Car Transfers with Running Board

Climbing a Single Step or Curb: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Tub Transfers

Using Crutches: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Dressing with Adaptive Equipment

Elevating Your Leg

Putting On and Taking Off TED Hose

Putting On and Taking Off TED Hose with a Helper

Shower Transfers

Walking with a Walker: Non Weight Bearing

Climbing a Single Step with a Walker


The details of your procedure will be shared with you by your physician. However, below is a library of some of the more common procedures performed at OrthoNebraska and basics regarding surgical techniques.

Foot & Ankle Ankle Surgery Guide

Foot and Ankle Surgery: Planning and Recovery Guide

A printable guide to prepare you for before and after your surgery.

Foot and Ankle Exercises

Foot and Ankle Surgery Exercises

Perform these only as directed by your care team.

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