OrthoNebraska participates in most major insurance plans, with the exception of the insurance plan provided to CHI Health employees.

If you plan to use insurance, please use your insurance directory or hotline to ensure that OrthoNebraska (also sometimes referenced as OrthoWest or Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital) is ‘In Network’ for your plan.


OrthoNebraska continues to evaluate our pricing to ensure we provide optimal value. Our rates are very competitive, but your out-of-pocket expenses may differ based on your insurance plan and the site of service. Please call (402) 609-2423 and our financial counselors would be happy to help you understand your specific financial considerations.

Office Visits

  • We are legally required to collect co-pays before treating you. More on Co-Pays.
  • We are happy to work out a reasonable payment schedule if you have limited financial means. Please contact us at (402) 609-2450.
  • Motor vehicle insurance claims and work-related injuries require additional coordination. If you expect a third party other than medical insurance to pay, please tell us when making your appointment.


After you schedule a hospital service such as surgery or imaging, you will be contacted by a member of our staff. In addition to information about your general health, they will collect insurance data for pre-approval. After we receive pre-approval, we will send you a letter with an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses. If you are not financially capable of covering the entire balance due, please contact a Financial Advisor at (402) 609-2423 immediately to work out a payment schedule.

When you arrive, you may be asked for a co-payment or deductible. After we receive payment from your insurance company, you will receive a statement for the remaining portion for which you are responsible.

Please note that in addition to the hospital, you may receive a separate bill for anesthesia, radiology, internal/family medicine, pathology services and/or your physician. These bills reflect the professional services provided during your stay. If you have questions concerning these bills, please contact the provider directly.

Hospital Prices

COST Estimator

The pricing information presented on this cost estimator and standard charges list represents OrthoNebraska Hospital’s prices for standard medical services in compliance with federal healthcare regulations. The prices listed are current as of January 3, 2023 and are subject to change. In addition, we provide a price or cost list for COVID, or coronavirus testing.

The standard charges do not necessarily reflect a patient’s ultimate payment responsibility. A patient’s total out-of-pocket costs will depend on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the patient’s insurance plan, ability to receive financial assistance, and the services ultimately provided during the patient’s procedure or treatment. A patient’s payment obligation for a particular service may be different than the amount displayed on the charge list. We encourage all patients to contact their insurance providers to obtain an estimate of their payment obligations for a particular service, or, for personalized guidance on what your specific out-of-pocket costs will be, please call our financial counselors at (402) 609-2423.