About OrthoNebraska

We believe every patient is on a journey. With high quality, cost-effective orthopedic care for your muscle, bone, or joint pain or injury, OrthoNebraska gives you a clear path to healing. Your team of specialists walks with you on every step of your journey to healing, providing a uniquely positive patient experience. We’re close by, and we treat you like family.

That’s the magic of OrthoNebraska.

“At every step, there seems to be another smile, another patient walking better. We’re all on that journey forward.” — Dr. Randall D. Neumann, M.D.

Uplifting, Family Atmosphere

From the first smile at the front desk to the patient-focused care in each office, our staff works as a team to bring you a unique standard of orthopedic care focused on your needs and goals.

At OrthoNebraska, you’re family.

With world-class physicians and other caregivers, we combine positive individualized care with the best medical practices. Our patients get appointments faster, have shorter hospital stays and less bumps on the road to recovery.

At OrthoNebraska, just about anything is possible.

Award-Winning Results

NRC has consistently rated our hospital as one of the highest in the country, with 92 percent of overnight stay patients recommending OrthoNebraska, compared to a state average of 78 percent and national average of 72 percent.  At OrthoNebraska, we use our orthopedic and spine expertise to keep patients happy, engaged, and on the mend.

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How OrthoNebraska Came to Be

OrthoNebraska formed from many organizations dating back to 1938. Along the way, our focus on patient outcomes and orthopedics has remained constant.

OrthoNebraska History (click PDF for detail)

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