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When you’re not sure what’s wrong, OrthoNebraska can help.

At OrthoNebraska, we’ll connect you with the top specialists for just about every bone and joint pain, strain, tear or break in your body.

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Physical Therapy

Our orthopedic therapists have more than 20 special certifications to help you recover quickly, allowing you to journey on better than you may have thought possible.

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Timely and accurate X-ray, CT and MRI services, including a wide bore MRI. Down the hall from the orthopedic clinic, we also have Pandora music to make you more comfortable.

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Orthopedic Urgent Care

No one wants to wait while in pain. See an orthopedic specialist right away, without a higher co-pay.

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Sports Medicine

Our experienced surgeons, physical therapists and athletic trainers work alongside athletes varying from the professional athlete to the club sports athlete, providing cutting-edge injury prevention and safe return to sport.

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Sports Performance

Our specialized sports performance coaches can help athletes of all skill levels, and ages, get stronger for their next season while helping them learn new ways to better prevent injury or get them back on the field after one.

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Adult Fitness

We offer fun adult fitness classes, both group classes and more individualized coaching, to help you get back to the athlete you once were or help you improve your overall fitness and mobility.

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Related Services

All ancillary services at OrthoNebraska work closely with your physician, as well as your primary care doctor, to provide a quick diagnosis and treatment options.

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