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Performance Focused

We focus on improving every athlete’s performance, both on and off the field.  From injury prevention to helping an athlete regain the strength and power they had before one, OrthoNebraska’s team of sports performance coaches will work to help any athlete develop their skills and abilities to thrive in their selected sport.

Growing with Athletes

OrthoNebraska’s coaches work with athlete’s of all ages and understand that no two individuals are the same. That’s why we work to build out specialized training plans that will grow with an athlete and help them achieve their full athletic potential so that they can become the athlete they are striving to be.

Building the Foundation

Proper form and techniques for any weight training regimen is paramount to an athlete’s success on the field, but also helps to keep them safe while off. Our training programs can help young athletes get stronger, faster and more explosive, while teaching them ways to effectively stretch and maintain mobility.

Habit Formation

Our coaches work hard to build lifelong fitness habits in athletes through training programs that help them compete at a high level today, but also the  prepare them for how you can train long after they leave their sport.