Orthopedic Focus

We focus on orthopedic care, with advanced training and treatments to address even the most complex conditions for comprehensive, quick results. We’re the largest group of physical therapists dedicated to orthopedics in Omaha.

Collaborative Care

As part of OrthoNebraska, our physical therapists work with your doctors to develop safe, effective treatment plans to meet your goals.

Individualized Treatment

Your OrthoNebraska therapist gives you one-on-one attention, with no group appointments. We develop completely customized treatment plans for every patient.

Measured Outcomes

Our team uses evidence-based care to get the best results. We track and measure outcomes within the practice and also compare to the rest of the nation using FOTO.

Trusted Experts

OrthoNebraska helps train orthopedic-focused student physical therapists from several local schools and others, including the Mayo Clinic.