Scientifically Proven to Reduce the Risk of ACL Injuries

Sportsmetrics is the first and largest ACL injury prevention program used by cutting-edge physical therapists who work with athletes.

This program is the first that is scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes. Females are also five times more likely to sustain and ACL surgery. This program helps athletes:

  • Significantly reduce the risk of serious knee injury
  • Jump higher
  • Improve leg strength, especially the hamstrings to quadriceps strength ratio
  • Train for strength and agility


Developed by Dr. Frank Noyes and a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and researchers, Sportsmetrics is not just another plyometric training program. Jumping drills are used to teach the athlete proper mechanics to land safely.  A solid foundation of strength, coordination and overall physical conditioning is required for athletes to attain their highest potential in their sport-specific skills.

How it Works

The Sportsmetrics program lasts for six weeks with three sessions each week. Each session incorporates a dynamic warm-up, plyometric training, strength training and flexibility. Video analysis of an athlete’s jumping mechanics is performed at the beginning and end to mark progress and to help the athlete better visualize their performance.