Return to Throwing

Whether it’s ongoing pain or recovery from surgery, we work with you to navigate a course of action for returning to your sport safely.


No two athletes are alike, so our first step is always to understand your limitations, pain or injury, history, and goals for your sport(s).

Biomechanical Video Throwing Analysis

Our physical therapists are trained to film and analyze your throwing mechanics using our comprehensive 6-point checklist. Subtle variances may prove problematic for your throwing motion and cause performance issues or injury. The video analysis is a valuable tool from which we work to correct areas that will decrease your pain and/or improve your performance. For many athletes, using video analysis also highlights the improvements they’ve worked hard to make.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

A customized therapy program can include manual therapy, throwing or sport-specific therapeutic exercises, proprioceptive and strength exercises, or home exercise programs.

Safe Return to Play

Our F.A.S.T. program involves a phased recovery plan based on a full battery of testing for athletic readiness as you reach various milestones. Interval throwing programs for various sports will be introduced when you have passed the F.A.S.T. testing. Your physical therapist and doctor will work as a team to safely and effectively get you back to playing your sport.

Arm Care Programs

We provide guidance on how to keep your arm healthy and prepare your muscles for throwing. Based on your age, level of play, and how often you are throwing in games and practice, we can offer guidelines to keep your arm at its best.