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Looking to refer a work comp case?  Call (402) 637-0453 to speak to a dedicated worker’s compensation coordinator.

We make handling claims easier

We have two dedicated worker’s compensation coordinators. Both those who are injured and employer representatives appreciate having one point of contact for any questions about the current situation. Our communication will be timely, clear, specific and reliable. It is our standard to seamlessly connect all points in the process with the most appropriate care and communication so that safety is maximized and lost time is minimized.

We understand that time off work and cost of treatment are considerations. We take a holistic approach so all parties can weigh the options and make the best decisions. As part of OrthoNebraska, our doctors work closely with our physical and hand therapists so that progress is appropriate and continually monitored.


Workplace injuries are all different and can occur to any part of the body. Many are best treated by an orthopedic surgeon, even if surgery is best avoided. Our surgeons understand what the most likely outcome of various treatment options will be.


Katie Berky, MD, Pain Medicine

Katie C. Berky, MD
Interventional Spine & Pain Management Physician

Michael Hall, Do

Michael R. Hall, DO
Non-Surgical Sports Medicine

Apollo Stack, MD, Interventional Spine & Pain Management

Apollo A. Stack, MD
Interventional Spine & Pain Management Physician