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Almost everyone has bumped their ‘funny bone’ (medically speaking, your ulnar nerve), causing shooting numbness and pain. The elbow is a unique joint in that many elbow problems are more painful than those in other joints due to the nerve endings being exposed.

OrthoNebraska’s elbow team believes your journey should be directed by your goals. If it feels like progress to you, we’re happy. Whether you are a high-level athlete or simply had a gardening mishap, we are here to help.

Pinpointing Your Pain

For most common conditions or injuries, understanding where or pain is coming from and what type of movement causes it is key to us making a quick diagnosis when you see one of our hand or wrist specialists. For a better idea of what you’re dealing with, watch these videos below based on your primary symptom(s).

Elbow Pain

Common Elbow Conditions

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