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Expert Diagnosis

With an experienced team of sports medicine doctors, ‘my arms hurts when it bends this way’ is good enough to get us started. We’ve seen it all.

Personalized Treatment

No athlete is the same and no sport is the same. We focus our treatment plans around the unique physical needs of your sport.

Collaborative Care

As part of OrthoNebraska, our doctors work closely with physical and hand therapists who specialize in sports therapy to make sure your rehab stays focused on rapid recovery and safe return to activity.

Community Involvement

Our sports medicine orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers and physical therapists cover athletic events throughout the community, treating high-level athletes in their moment of need, including many junior teams, lacrosse and rodeos. If you are interested in partnering with OrthoNebraska for sports medicine coverage, please contact Scott Martens at (402) 609-2800.


OrthoNebraska's Sports Medicine Partners