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Who is this intended for?
It’s for anyone who has been hurt recently and needs help figuring out what to do next. This could be a school-aged athlete, a weekend warrior, or a parent who’s thrown out their back. You do need to be over 18 and be in Nebraska or Iowa, but as a parent you can use this on behalf on your child. This service is not for people dealing with chronic pain. There isn’t much we can do over chat to help, as they’ll either need to see a specialist or come into our ER or urgent care for sudden increases in pain that cannot wait.

What providers am I talking to?
OrthoNebraska’s own athletic trainers. We strongly believe that our own people can provide you with the best advice based on their knowledge, experience, and familiarity with our locations and services.

Why can’t I just call?
You can certainly call our scheduling team during normal business hours. However, they can’t help assess the potential severity of an injury. And they are not available on nights and weekends. Our athletic trainers and people asking us questions are often at events or places where calling is inconvenient, so we think chat works.

Is there a cost?
No. Our goal is to help guide you to the appropriate place in your moment of need as efficiently as possible. If you do end up coming in, you would pay our typical fees. If after learning more about appropriate next steps and you would prefer, a video visit could be arranged, which would also be subject to typical fees.

I’m having technical issues
Please report any technical issues to and we will follow up with you.

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