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Correcting Misconceptions About Orthopedic Care

“I need a referral, which takes time and delays me.”
Neither insurance companies nor our physicians require a referral, 99 percent of the time. Going to primary care first can mean losing time and delaying your recovery.

“Seeing an orthopedic surgeon means having surgery.”
Surgery will only be recommended if your condition and goals merit it. Two of three patients at OrthoNebraska don’t have surgery. Our reviews are full of comments about successful non-surgical treatments.

“It’ll take me weeks to be seen.”
We’ve worked hard to make it so you can nearly always see a specialist for your problem within a week. Or, you can walk in to orthopedic urgent care or our ER.

“Orthopedic Urgent Care sounds expensive.”
It’s actually the same cost as a scheduled specialist visit.

“Orthopedics is for older people.”
We treat many teenage athletes and weekend warriors. Even if you aren’t “injured,” many people want to understand the root cause of their pain so they can overcome it and get back to what they love.

You Always Come First

OrthoNebraska, as the first hospital dedicated to complete orthopedic care in Nebraska, was founded on the principle that patients come first. While we’ve grown larger and have learned to use many of today’s data-informed best practices in orthopedics and physical therapy, we still believe that each patient is unique and requires their own personalized treatment plan.

A volleyball player and a soccer player with the same ankle injury are going to need to recover from it differently in order to return to the field or court as quickly as possible. We understand that and will help you on your journey.

This can all be summed up by a common saying around here:

“We treat the patient, not the X-ray.”

Why Wait?

When you’re injured or in pain, you want answers fast and on your schedule. Orthopedic urgent care helps get you on the path to recovery quickly, without high costs or unnecessary visits.

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4.8 out of 5 (26,303 Ratings, 8,962 Comments)

5 stars
Aug 25, 2023
Dr AJ was spectacular injectionung my hip. He was done and I was still waiting for the poke. Wonderful job. Dr AJ was fantastic thank you so much for everything yall done for me.
5 stars
Aug 24, 2023
Doctor Mark Goble was fantastic
5 stars
Aug 21, 2023
Great guy, turned us on to a really good shoulder surgeon and we couldn't be more than pleased. Thank you.
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