Knee Replacement Education

Learn about your upcoming surgery and how to recover from it.

In just under 15 minutes, our team goes over all the details about what will happen before, during and after your surgery and how to prepare for it. If you have any questions after watching this video, call the Nurse Navigation team at (402) 609-2278.

Using a Gait Belt

Walking with a Walker

Dressing with Adaptive Equipment

Climbing Steps with a Walker and Rails

Toilet Transfers

Climbing Steps with a Walker, No Rails

Car Transfers

Climbing a Single Step with a Walker

Car Transfers with Running Board

Climbing Steps with Cane

Tub Transfers

Walking with Crutches: Weight Bearing As Tolerated

Shower Transfers

Walking with a Cane

Bed Positioning After Knee Replacement

Elevating Your Leg

Putting On and Taking Off TED Hose

Putting On and Taking Off TED Hose with a Helper

Preparing for Surgery at OrthoNebraska

Knee Replacement Surgical Technique

This video shows, in general, what a surgeon will do during a knee replacement surgery.


This video shows, in general, the most likely type or types of anesthesia for this procedure and how they are

Knee Replacement Guide

Knee Replacement Pamphlet Thumbnail
A printable guide to prepare you for before and after your surgery.

Knee Replacement Exercises

Total Knee Exercises thumbnail
Unless otherwise instructed by your physician, complete these exercises daily following your surgery.

Comfort Care

Comfort Care
This sheet contains recommendations for ways to get comfortable despite some pain after surgery.

Oral Hydration

Oral Hydration
Properly hydrating before, during and after surgery helps aid in your body’s recovery.

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