Patient Education

Lower Body

Safety and Falls

Getting In and Out of Bed

Tub Transfers

Shower Transfers

Lateral Hip Precautions

Posterior Hip Precautions

Toilet Transfers

Walking with Cane

Climbing Steps with Cane

Climbing Steps with Walker, Without Railing

Climbing Steps with Walker, With Railing

Walking with a Walker

Climbing a Single Step or Curb with Walker

Standing Up from Bed or Chair

Dressing with Adaptive Equipment

Car Transfers

Car Transfers with Running Board

Using a Gait Belt

Climbing Stairs by Sitting and Scooting

Using a Knee Scooter

Using Crutches: Non-Weight Bearing

Using Crutches: Partial Flat Foot Weight Bearing

Using Crutches: Toe Touch Weight Bearing

Using Crutches: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Upper Body

Putting on and Taking Off a Shoulder Sling

Putting a Shirt On and Taking it Off

Shoulder Precautions

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