Shoulder Surgery Education

Learn what you’ll need to do after your surgery.

This video includes many details about what will happen before, during and after your surgery and how to prepare for it. If you have any questions after watching this video, call the Nurse Navigation team at (402) 609-2278.

Putting on and Taking Off a Shoulder Sling

Shoulder Precautions

Putting a Shirt On and Taking it Off

Putting On and Taking Off a Slingshot Sling


Surgical Techniques

The details of your procedure will be shared with you by your physician, as there are many variations that aim to provide optimal results. However, below is a library of some of the more common procedures performed at OrthoNebraska and general information regarding surgical techniques.


Typically, both general anesthesia and a peripheral nerve block will be used.

Shoulder Precautions, Exercises, and How to Complete Everyday Activities

Shoulder Precautions Packet Pamphlet Thumbnail

This packet contains diagrams and instructions on shoulder positions to avoid after surgery, as well as exercises and instructions on how best to accomplish typical tasks during your day.

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