Welcome to OrthoNebraska

Prospective OrthoNebraska team member:

We are very pleased that you want to be a part of our team at OrthoNebraska. As previously discussed, this offer is contingent upon your successful completion of a pre-employment physical, drug & alcohol screening and background check. Only in the occurrence of an issue will you be notified prior to your start date.

In preparation for your first day with us, we ask that you bring the following attachments – which should be completed to your comfort level:
I9 Forms (complete the highlighted sections)
W4 Forms (complete the highlighted sections)
Employee Data Sheet (complete the highlighted sections)
• Offer Letter (signed)

Please also bring:
• Identification for the I9 Form (see attached eligible documents)
• Certification (i.e. BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc.) if applicable
• Diploma or transcript of highest level of education completed
• Voided check or bank issued direct deposit information

We have also created a profile for you in Healthcare Source, our e-learning environment. Here, you will find educational modules which we have customized based on your role. Please complete these as time allows before your first day as well.

Log in to Healthcare Source

Directions for Registering in HealthCare Source

You should know if your position is categorized as hospital or clinic.


  1. Intranet/Education/HealthcareSource
  2. Select “Register”
  3. Enter Employee ID (top right corner of Password Log sheet)
  4. Username should auto-generate
  5. Create Password (use same as active directory)
  6. Go back to the Intranet, select Education/HealthcareSource and login with credentials
  7. Landing page is in Performance Manager (sign job description)
  8. To get to Learning Assignments: Select Learning Assignments tab OR go to Green People in top left corner of page and select mynetlearning & begin searching in search bar for modules listed below.


  1. Select Trouble Logging In? & MyNetLearning Non-Employees
  2. Enter Employee ID (top right corner of Password Log sheet) + Password – original will be Hospital1 (system may ask you to change password)
  3. Use the search bar to find the following modules:
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3

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