Winter Weather Appointment Tips

It’s always when the first snow falls, covering the streets and sidewalks, when we all remember how terrible commuting gets. Schedules have to be adjusted to allow for safe travel as well as the time it takes to properly clean off your vehicle. With all this added time, making scheduled appointments can sometimes be difficult.

We understand unforeseen circumstances as we travel the same roads you do. So here are a few tips to ensure safe travels when coming to your appointments.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Weather – this seems like a no-brainer, but if you have lived in Nebraska for more than a year, you know the weather can change at any time. Just because it’s forecasted to be, does not mean that’s what we will get. A balmy 40 degree day can quickly turn into a blizzard.
  2. Adjust Your Times – getting up a little earlier doesn’t sound so great, but when it takes a good 5-10 minutes to heat up and clean off your car as well as more time to safely traverse the potentially icy and snow packed roads; you’ll be glad you did. If your appointment is later in the day, be sure to give yourself the same amount of time as traffic gets heavier.
  3. Keep Phone Numbers Handy – if the unforeseen time comes where you are stuck at a standstill and are running late, it makes it very easy to call us to let us know so. We understand these things can happen and can often work to accommodate your appointment.
  4. Watch for Closings – it is a rare occurrence, but in the interest of keeping our patients and staff members safe, we may close down the clinic. In the case of severe weather, be sure to watch our website as well as social media accounts for information about clinic closings or late opening times.

We will also always work to contact our patients scheduled for that day and inform them directly. This is another good reason to have our number in your contacts, so you know when we call. As a reminder: we often encounter voicemails that are not set up or are full, so be sure and have those ready to go so you don’t miss a message from us!

Give us a call at (402) 609-1750 if you've suffered a minor injury and are interested in therapy or seeing a doctor.

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