Aquatic Pool Offers Comfortable Winter Therapy Option

It’s that time of year again – the weather is turning cold and fewer people will be wanting to exercise or swim outside.  The warm water pool at OrthoNebraska provides a comfortable and therapeutic environment for completing rehab in the winter months.  The pool is maintained at a temperature of 92 degrees to help with muscle relaxation and joint mobility.

Aquatic therapy has the benefits of water resistance, buoyancy and pressure. The resistance of the water and optional pool current provides an excellent environment for strengthening.  Likewise, the added buoyancy allows a person to perform this strengthening with less joint stress than what would be encountered on land. For people dealing with joint or limb swelling, the gentle pressure during submersion in the water can help to alleviate some of this excess fluid.

Injuries and conditions that benefit from aquatic therapy:

If you are interested in Aquatic Therapy, please contact OrthoNebraska Physical and Occupational Therapy at 402-609-1750

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