Ask a Hand Surgeon

(402) 609-3200

An expert opinion often comes in handy.

Our board-certified orthopedic hand surgeons are here to help you and your patients. Whether you’re in primary care, urgent care, an emergency room or somewhere else, we believe a 5-minute consult regarding complex hand or wrist issues can save patients time and result in better care.


8 am – 8 pm
Every day (including weekends)

How It Works

  1. You have a patient with a hand problem that you’ve performed and exam and maybe X-ray on, but aren’t positive on the next best step for them.
  2. Step out of the room, call us at (402) 609-3200 and tell us what’s happening with your patient.
  3. Manage the patient’s treatment plan or refer as you see fit, taking into account our recommendations. You and the patient now have an extra sense of confidence in your plan.

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