Nurse Navigators

Nurse Navigation at OrthoNebraska Hospital is a specialized team of orthopaedic nurses whose main purpose is to ensure your safe and successful discharge following joint replacement. Each patient’s support system, living space and abilities are different, so we want to help you plan so that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Weeks before your surgery, the Navigation team will reach out to you to discuss joint replacement education and your discharge plans. They also help to ensure that you are prepared for what to expect. They will meet with you while you are in the hospital for your surgery to help with discharge planning, and they will contact you after you leave the hospital for questions, concerns and education.

Your Navigators will be the main point of contact for you from start to finish, as a quick access point to get information that you want or need.  Some of the most commonly asked questions from patients include:

  • What is an expected length of stay following my surgery?
  • Postoperatively, what is a normal level of swelling and discomfort?
  • What can I expect for my recovery timeline?

We know that if you choose to have surgery with us, you will see what a difference having a nurse navigator by your side makes.

Call us at (402) 609-2278 to learn more.

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