Hospital Appoints Scheppers as Chief Executive Officer

OrthoNebraska Hospital (at the time, Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital) is pleased to announce the appointment of Levi J. Scheppers as its new chief executive officer.

Levi comes to OrthoNebraska from Nebraska Medicine, where he most recently served as Chief Administrative Officer. In that role, Levi was responsible for developing the $400 million financial plan for the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, and was responsible for developing the business plan for the Nebraska Health Network – the accountable care organization (ACO) between Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Nebraska Medicine. Most recently, Levi was the lead project manager for One Team, which lead the unification of UNMC Physicians, Nebraska Medicine, and Bellevue Medical Center under one governing body. Levi also served as a board member for OrthoNebraska, where he became familiar with OrthoNebraska and the future potential for the organization.

“We are excited about having Levi on board,” said Dr. Charles F. Burt, MD, President and Chairman of the Board. “He is a big thinker and has a tremendous financial background that will bode well for the future direction of the hospital,” added Burt.

“OrthoNebraska has been extremely successful in its first eleven years of operation,” said Scheppers, chief executive officer at OrthoNebraska. “The hospital is positioned well from both a quality and an affordability perspective. This will provide significant opportunities as we look to grow beyond our traditional geographic boundaries,” added Scheppers.

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