Pre-Race Warmups

Race day is almost here for the Nebraska Market to Market relay! When it comes to pre-race preparation, a proper warm-up is important to prepare your body for a long day of activity. We recommend these easy exercises in the 30 minutes or so before starting your run:

  1. Perform 5-10 minutes of easy/light jogging.
  2. Mobility Exercises:
    1. Walking lunges – 10 times on each side
    2. Trunk twist – rotate your shoulders side to side 10 times in each direction.
    3. Forward leg swing – Move leg from the hip forward and backwards keeping knee straight. Perform 10 times on each side.
    4. Side leg swing – Move leg from the hip side to side keeping the knee straight. Hold on to a stationary object for balance. Perform 10 times on each side.
    5. Heel raises – Move up and down on your toes 10 times.

Following this routine will have you ready to perform your best. Have a great race!

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