Be Scary Safe this Halloween

Are you ready for the big night? Because tricks, treats and sugar rushes are on the spooky horizon for families everywhere. Indeed, Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday of the year. But it can also be dangerous if you’re only thinking about fun and not safety.

So, before the ghosts and goblins take over your neighborhood, here are some simple Halloween safety tips to make sure nothing gets too scary.

Halloween Costume Safety

Now that’s a pretty sweet Frankenstein getup! And check out that princess, mermaid, and cowboy! But wait, can any of them be seen in the dark? For costumes that aren’t reflective, consider adding accents like glow necklaces or lighted bracelets so everyone stays visible as the sun goes down.

It’s also wise to look for anything that could cause trips or falls. This includes checking overall fit and snipping off any elements dangling in front of little feet. All mask eye and mouth holes should be unobstructed. And when it comes to makeup and eyewear, avoid anything that impairs vision.

Trick or Treating Tips

What could be better than going from house to house getting free candy? Not much, actually, so long as everyone gets to fully enjoy it. How? Staying in familiar areas is a great start. It’s also good to carry flashlights. Not only do they tell cars “We’re here,” but one hole in the sidewalk is all it takes to injure an ankle.

Speaking of sidewalks, let’s stick to them, shall we? Other surfaces can present problems at night. Plus, sidewalks are great for high-fiving and trading candy with oncoming skeletons. When it comes to crossing streets, use crosswalks whenever possible.

One other thing for all tricksters: The fun tends to be better in larger groups, and is definitely safer. So if yours is thin, consider joining up with another one.

Driving Safety on Halloween

Please… with chocolate and sprinkles on top: Put. The. Phone. Down. Arguably, more than any other night, the highest priority with so many young kids and families walking around neighborhoods and near streets is to keep your eyes on the road as well as its surroundings. Should you find yourself wanting to take terrifying photos of your trick or treaters walking along, pull over and put the car in park first. Whatever you can do to lower risks, the better.

Furthermore, when it comes to driving around on Halloween, ask yourself a few questions about driving on a night like this:

  • Could driving around in our neighborhood be put off altogether on Halloween?
  • If we need to drive some, do we need to drive the whole night?

If driving little goblins and gremlins is the easiest solution, and for many it can be, then at least go slow and be as careful as you can.

By following these and other simple safety tips—like paying 100% attention while carving the pumpkin—you’ll help make this Halloween the best and safest one ever. After all, the last door anyone wants to knock on is the one at the emergency room.

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