OrthoNebraska Adds Podiatry Services

Patients with foot or ankle pain can now find relief with OrthoNebraska’s new podiatry services, which complete their comprehensive spectrum of foot and ankle care. In April, Drs. Jeffrey Kiley and Andrew Stanislav will join the team for greater patient convenience and the highest quality of care.

“We share a vision for high-quality, patient-driven care,” said Dr. Kiley. “Joining OrthoNebraska will help us really focus on what we do best: caring for people with foot and ankle problems.”

“For our patients, the opportunity to have a clear, seamless path to recovery within a single organization – whether it’s handled in our offices or requires physical therapy or surgery – is a differentiator in this community,” Dr. Stanislav added.

The two doctors have been serving Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa for over 20 years and are members of the Iowa Podiatric Medical Society, American Podiatric Medical Association, Fellows of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. They specialize in diabetic foot complications, advanced wound care, custom braces/orthotics, and treatment of ingrown toenails and many other conditions affecting the foot and ankle.

At OrthoNebraska, patients now have a clear path to recovery as they receive care in one familiar place. This model eliminates the need for referral back-and-forth between different specialists which can often be time-consuming.

“As we contemplated bringing Drs. Stanislav and Kiley on board, we really found that podiatry services are a natural fit at OrthoNebraska,” said Dr. Kevin Grosshans, foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon. “While podiatrists have historically generally practiced on their own, more and more are choosing to join orthopedic practices in order to provide well-rounded care to their patients. Instead of being referred back and forth as their conditions change and evolve, patients can get complete foot and ankle care in one familiar place.”

Podiatry services are available at OrthoNebraska’s Council Bluffs clinic and other locations including Oakview at 144th and West Center, Atlantic, Red Oak and Shenandoah in Iowa, and Nebraska City. Appointments can be made online at OrthoNebraska.com or by calling (402) 609-3000 or texting (402) 609-3000.

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