Specialized orthopaedic care without leaving your home

OrthoNebraska is now offering virtual care in select cases for orthopedics, allowing you to visit with a provider without having to come into the facility.

Using video chat technologies, our team can effectively conduct an otherwise normal office visit (without a physical exam) by directing and observing motion and pain. Should an X-ray or other diagnostic exams be needed, our care team will work with you to schedule a time at your convenience, including conducting these tests outside normal business hours. Additionally, if you are comfortable, family members and other caregivers are welcome to attend your virtual visit as well.

Scheduling a Virtual Visit

  1. Call (402) 609-3000.
  2. We’ll call you back to confirm a date and time.
  3. You’ll receive an email and text with information about your appointment, any intake information we need to collect from you, and how to download Zoom onto your phone, tablet or computer.
  4. Complete any intake needed before your appointment.
  5. Download and test Zoom on the device you’ll be using for your appointment at least 5-10 minutes prior.
  6. Virtual visit: you’ll meet with your provider to discuss your orthopaedic needs and treatment plan.

That’s it! We aim to keep your experience as simple as possible.